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Welcome to JD Polytex

With the Roots in the Textile Industry of Surat from more than 2 Decades, Mr. Hasmukh Patel & Mr. Amish Lakdawala have collaboratively started one more division. Founded in 2014, JD Polytex is the Supplier for the Finished Fabrics. After making quality products with an absolute sense of consistency, improvement & impressiveness altogether, in the short span only; JD Polytex has gained popularity in the city.

We are manufacturing & supplying the Wide Array of Home Furnishing & Textile Fabrics. From Cushion-Covers to Sheer Curtains, ...

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Digital Prints
Digital Bed Sheets
Dyed Bed Sheets
Dobby Fabrics
Dyed Fabrics
Embroidery Fabrics
Jacquard Fabrics
Knitted Fabrics
Printed Fabrics
Printed Bed Sheets
Yarn Dyed Bed Sheets
Blackout Curtains
Digital Curtains
Dyed Curtains
Printed Curtains
Shower Curtains
Digital Cushion Covers
Dyed Cushion Covers
Embroidery Cushion Covers
Foil Cushion Covers
Digital Table Cloth
Dyed Table Cloth
Flock Prints
Value Added Fabrics

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